Macroeconomic statistics

GOPA Luxembourg’s expertise in National Accounts statistics

Our company’s qualified in-house staff support statistical offices around the world in developing an implementation programme for national accounts compilation and supporting statistics. We offer our expertise to address institutional arrangements, statistical operations, change management and statistical infrastructure.

Our overarching goal is not only to deliver the necessary knowledge to improve macroeconomic statistics, but to enhance a country’s macroeconomic policy-making abilities by improving the scope, detail and quality of national accounts and supporting economic statistics.

GOPA Luxembourg offers a broad spectrum of services, starting with the analysis of primary input data, calculation procedures paired with conceptual adjustments for different components, and data transmission in line with the ESA 2010 Transmission Programme (TP).

Our services/actions:

  • Comply with standards: ESA 2010, 2008 SNA, ISIC, CPA, etc.
  • Increase periodicity and timeliness of National Accounts data
  • Extend the use of administrative data and new data sources
  • Improve the exhaustiveness of GDP coverage
  • Integrate the compilation, dissemination and use of Supply and Use Tables
  • Compile short-term economic indicators
  • Upgrade of Business registers
  • Compile Satellite accounts: tourism, sport, education, culture, etc.
  • Integrate Financial accounts
  • Enhance harmonisation of Balance of Payments and National Accounts data


Annual and quarterly accounts are traditionally the primary key accounts to measuring GDP by production, expenditure and income approach. This implies producing indicators in current and previous year prices, according to the Statistical classification of economic activities (NACE), Statistical classification of products by activity (CPA) and Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose (COICOP).

We offer our support and expertise in the following areas:

  • Analysis of current data sources used (both statistical and administrative sources)
  • Further development of data sources
  • Calculation of GDP by production, expenditure and income approach for all components
  • Methodology of price and volume measures
  • Analysis of the economic growth of a country
  • Calculation of Employment under National Accounts concept
  • Financial Intermediary Services Indirectly Measured (FISIM) calculation and conceptual adjustments
  • Estimation of Owner occupied dwellings (Imputed rent) calculation
  • Technical assistance for benchmarking revisions from statistical offices

We strive to make our clients’ National Accounts exhaustive, and offer our support in measuring the non-observed economy by improving both:

  • Direct measurement through the data collection programme, resulting in fewer non-observed activities and hence fewer non-measured activities; and
  • Indirect measurement during the compilation of national accounts, resulting in fewer non-measured activities.

We offer our expertise in the following areas:

  • Supply-based approaches, including LIM (Labor Input Method);
  • Demand-based approaches;
  • Income-based approaches;
  • Commodity flow approaches.

Our in-house staff have extensive experience in assisting statistical offices in building and improving sector accounts, for all institutional sectors.

We would be pleased to offer our services on the following topics:

  • Analysis of data sources, including an analysis of counterpart information;
  • Building and improving Current accounts
  • Building and improving Accumulation accounts

Contact us to find out more about our services in macroeconomic statistics.

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